Well here we are into mid February, and its a busy time for me, right from the beginning of the year. I have been asked to judge Wagin Woolorama Exhibition in March. Well at least thats what they started with and now its getting bigger than Ben Hur!!! I now have a large area to demonstrate and sell for 2 days, and there's a large pending commission coming from the Committee...Every week I wonder what they are going to ask me to do next. Logistically its a big event to prepare for...there's no running back home (3 hours drive) to pick up more stock !!!

On the creative side, I have been having great fun doing some new abstract works which are selling very quickly. Started as just a bit of fun playing around with pastels (usually reserved for my poppy paintings), adding gold leaf and then metallic paints....On my website is my latest 'Rural' painting. One of the best I have ever painted...Called "Will It Ever Rain?" let me know what you think?

I added 3 new placemats to my range late December, along wth some new bookmark and gift card designs...This year I want to add some completely new products to my growing ranges....investigating a sublimation machine so I don't have to get items done externally.

On top of all of this activity, I have been painting walls in my house, getting it ready to sell, so I can downsize a bit.

So my friends, time to get back to work....






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Category: Retail (0 to 4 employees)

Catgeory: Business Person of the Year

Unfortunately didn't win, but it was agreat achievement to get so far. Sometimes hard work does pay off...